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Race: Rocquoal (rock-kwo-al)
Race Traits: blah
Leader (+spouse): Bearach (+Branwen)
Heir: Tre [ Treasaigh]
Earth-Influence: Closest would be Scottish or Nordic [Viking].
Lifestyle: Living in the trees of the rainforests in massive tree "villages" or in the caves of the mountainside, the Rocquoal are a warm-hearted and loving race. They take great pride in their children above all else, working together to raise them as a community. Fond of eating, drinking, partying, and tussling; to outsiders they may seem a drunken riotous lot. However, all is in good fun, and when it comes time to lay it down the Rocquoal are the most formidable enemies. They have a strong fondness for simply squashing their enemies flat.
Fighting Style: heavy blunt weapons [hammers], or heavy axes
Goddess's Gift: immense strength, courage in battle
Elemental Power: earth
Shadow Tolerance: low tolerance