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Race: Deishii (day-e-shee)
Race Traits: skin is cool to the touch, and all have pale skin [near-white].
Leader (+spouse): Larisa (+Yul)
Heir: Armun
Earth-Influence: Siberian/Northern Russia
Much like the Naezan of the first planet, the Deiishi are very much a reclusive race. Tasked with protecting the other planets from outside attack, the men are lone sentries that live solitary lives, only coming together in large clan gatherings a handful of times per year. Women and children live together in small
villages, working together to grow what little food they can and raise the children.
Fighting Style: large heavy swords
Goddess's Gift: fortitude, special ability to grow crops in winter conditions
Elemental Power: ice
Shadow Tolerance: due to their role of protector, Deishii do not tolerate any shadows, and will kill them on sight.