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Race: Rakkel (rah-kel)
Race Traits: very dark skin, always with light-colored eyes [light blue, green, or gold].
Hair colors range from dark brown to black.
Leader (+spouse): Rana (+Pelagios)
Heir: Rao
Earth-Influence: Arabian
Lifestyle: Adapted to living life in the harsh deserts, the Rakkel seem to actually thrive in it. They live deep in the desert, coming to the coastlines frequently to trade with the Vess'ri. Nomads by demand, they tend to not form large cities - instead moving in small tribes. There is one fairly large city on the desert side of the mountains, where the ruling family lives.
Fighting Style: a lightweight curved cutlass
Goddess's Gift: A strong sense of justice
Elemental Power: Fire
Shadow Tolerance: wary, but tolerant