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Race: Kyou'xin (k-yo shin)
Race Traits: blonde hair [varying shades of blonde, from near white to dark amber], bird-like wings
Leader (+spouse): Soel (+Komie)
Heir: Ryuen
Earth-Influence: none, really
Lifestyle: Guardians of the entrance to the Goddess's world, the Kyouxin take their job seriously. Very seriously. Often accused by other members of the council as being "no fun" they would prefer to hone their skills with the sword than play. In times of peace, however, they are actually quite a relaxed race who enjoy the best things in life. They tend to be natural leaders, taking charge in situations and ordering others around. Sometimes they can be a bit too bossy but it's all in the best interest.
Fighting Style: large two-handed swords
Goddess's Gift: holy [healing, ability to see through deception, etc]
Elemental Power: lightning/light
Shadow Tolerance: shadows that do no evil are tolerated and accepted, but those who do evil are destroyed.