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Race: Vess'ri (vess-ree)
Race Traits: Webbing on hands/feet, small fin frills on the ears.
Leader (+spouse): Pelagios (+Rana)
Heir: Hiroshii
Earth-Influence: Greek, but technically closest would be Atlantean [Atlantis].. I guess? :p
Lifestyle: The Vess'ri are an aquatic race. Since they share the planet with the firey Rakkel, they prefer to live below the waters surface in large cities. A small number of Vess'ri live along the rich coastline, making their trade on the seas and trading with the Rakkel. Travel to the underwater cities is by invitation-only, although the most that will happen is being "gently" escorted away. Vess'ri venture no further than the mountains lining the coast, as they wouldn't survive long in the harshness of the desert. They are the only true pacifist race of Sorla, refusing to fight unless absolutely necesarry.
Fighting Style: staves, tridents
Goddess's Gift: empathy for all creatures, ability to 'speak' with animals
Elemental Power: water
Shadow Tolerance: high tolerance, of all the races the Vess'ri are the kindest.