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Race: Shadow
Age: unknown, but younger than Minari
Hair Color: dark pink, with streaks of purple
Eye Color: lime green
Skin Color: equivalant of 'tanned caucasian'
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Build: Curvy, sexy..
Important Characteristics: ?
Strengths: excels in hand-to-hand combat with twin daggers
Weaknesses: easily manipulated, a bit airheaded, stubborn streak a mile wide
Personality: A bit snobbish, easily jealous, and all-around snarky.
Hobbies: unknown
Sexuality: straight
Relationship: adores both Yasu and Ryuen

being in the spotlight, men chasing her, power
Dislikes: being rejected (happens alot.. ), Minari, Minari's guardians, losing, being overshadowed
History: Shantana is Minari's younger half-sister, an offspring of Kadath. She is insanely jealous of Minari after having grown up in her shadow. The fact that neither Yasuhiko nor Ryuen will give her the attention she demands only adds fuel to the fire.