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Race: Shadow
Age: unknown, but very old
Gender: male
Hair Color: black / golden blonde [true form], very long and tied at the nape of the neck
Eye Color: amber-gold
Skin Color: a nice gold-touched brown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 145lbs
Build: Slender and non-muscled.
Important Characteristics: His golden blonde hair is unique among the Shadow race, so he hides it and changes it to black. Very few people know about this side of him.
Strengths: offensive magic, anything that requires a strong intellect
Weaknesses: hand-to-hand combat or combat with weapons
Personality: Cold, caluclating, and willing to step on whoever it takes to reach the top. His goal is to overthrow Kadath someday.
Hobbies: creating havoc
Sexuality: gay, actually.
Relationship: -.
Likes: power, deception, causing others pain, murder
Dislikes: pretty much everything not listed under 'likes'
History: ?